Charity Fundraising and Golfing Tournament prizes

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There are 2 specific areas where Gold Plated products can be used where they are currently not – and that is charity fundraising and sporting tournaments.

In the world of fundraising it is common practice to combine social events with raising money, if we are honest, the combination of a good cause charity auction, good food and (lots of) wine, good company, and a healthy competition between tables as to who buys the most items being auctioned creates a wonderful scenario for ‘generosity’

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If there is one thing that ‘adds’ to that chemistry it is something that is being auctioned that stands out – and that is either a single luxuriously 24k Gold plated putter (or better still a set of golfing irons).

They may be items that only a selected few would actually buy and use on a golf course, but they are most certainly things that make people at least want to own one for themselves or for their partner. It certainly makes a memorable gift for a special occasion which incorporates a certain amount of one-upmanship.

Under the stage lights and the buzz of an auction it will be one of the star items to be fought for.

Another use for these would be as a tournament prize. Once again, a single putter or a set of irons plated with 24k gold would fall into the category of ‘must win’ prizes just for the fact that the winner would forever be known for his or her ‘gold’ clubs – even if they never used them

For the same reasons these can also be used as sales incentives in a marketing environment where management look to inspire their sales teams with ever hard to find incentives other than cash! Credibility comes in all forms, and for those in the know it does always not have to be ‘grown-up.

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