Commercial Loan Broker Training Program

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Congratulations on making the decision to become a commercial loan broker – you’re in good company. Now that you’re dead set on starting your new career, it’s time to get serious about your training and your commercial loan broker training program options. The program you choose will have to prepare you for your career and should provide support you will need for once you’ve completed the training. To learn more about the commercial loan industry and a commercial loan broker training program visit Commercial Loan Broker Institute.


The average commercial loan broker training program is 10 days long. During this time you will be learning all the facts, tips, and information you’ll be using to effectively do your job as a commercial loan broker. Your training session will be intense so make sure you’re prepared to learn. It always helps if you’re organized and have everything ready before you step foot inside the classroom.

Things You May Need for Your Commercial Loan Broker Training Program:

  • Notebook – There will be lots of information. Make sure you have a place to write down important information.
  • Folder/binder – There will be plenty of handouts. It’s a good idea to get a folder or binder dedicated to this material. You will be able to use these as references once you’re on your own.
  • Laptop – You may be required to bring a laptop to you commercial loan broker training program. There may be online exercises you will need to complete, or material that is emailed to you.
  • Pen or pencil – How else are you going to write down important info? You may also need to complete exercises or forms.

May be the biggest asset to completing your commercial loan broker training program is dedication. Remember you chose this professional path. You have to have the drive to want to succeed. Loan brokering is a lucrative profession that allows you the freedom a conventional job doesn’t. But to reap the rewards of that you must be ready to invest your time and money to have it pay off in the end.

Speaking of money, it’s important to note that a typical in-person commercial loan broker training program can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Although this number is intimidating, think of it as an investment in your and your family’s future. There are also some programs that offer financial assistance if you do not have access to their enrollment fees. To learn more about a commercial loan broker training program that’s right for you, visit

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