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If you haven’t heard, becoming a commercial loan broker is a great opportunity for those who want to be their own boss and make a good living doing so. The first step to becoming a commercial loan broker is your education, or in this case, a commercial loan training program. A quick Google search will reveal many different options for training programs. We will discuss the ways to decide which commercial loan training program is right for you. If you have questions about the commercial loan industry or want to learn more about commercial loan training visit Commercial Loan Broker Institute.


What Separates Good Commercial Loan Training From the Bad?

A good commercial loan training program provides you with the knowledge so you’re well-prepared to make it on your own. There are a few different training formats available. One of them is in-person commercial loan training. This option is the best as it’s very hands-on and you get to interact with real people. These types of training programs are, on average, 10 days long. They are very intense as they have to give you an entire lifetime’s worth of education on commercial loan brokering in a few days. The one downfall of this type of commercial loan training is that it will require you to travel. These types of training programs are usually more expensive than programs which are not in-person.

Another type of training is online loan broker courses. All you will need to complete these types of programs is access to a computer. These are a good option if your schedule is not conducive to being able to travel. These commercial loan training programs tend to be cheaper, and again, they offer more flexibility than in-person training can provide. However, they lack the ability to work with people one-on-one.

The final type of commercial loan training is purchasing material online from a commercial loan company. This type of commercial loan training is an option for people who are in no rush to get started on their brokerage. You can work 100% at your own pace, but again, there is no instructor and no one to guide you or answer your questions. If you are really dedicated to becoming to a commercial loan broker and you have no prior knowledge about the commercial loan industry, I would avoid this type of training.

Commercial loan training is an important launching point to becoming a commercial loan broker and getting your brokerage off the ground. Like anything, it’s best to do your research before committing to any program. To find out more about commercial loan brokering visit

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