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Search Reputation is a new and emerging term people have been looking into lately. What people find about you online now has become very important to the kind of person you want to convey. Now more than ever, people are searching for people before they are meeting so that is where they are getting their first impression.

Content is a crucial step on what you want people to read about you. There is even content creation on brands where marketers’ hope will go viral. The key to creating great content for your audience is research. There are multiple ways to undertake this research for growing organic traffic and building traffic.


Usually a good starting point is looking at what your competition is doing. Serpstat is a great tool to help you identify the closest competitors. From there, you will be able to see the relevancy score, keywords people are searching for, keywords that are missing and the visibility score. There is even an option to compare different companies together and understand who is doing better in a specific category over the other. In addition, you can see the keywords you are ranking on that are similar to those websites.

Another strategy that has become a good practice is using keywords to find topics. Nuvi is a known tool for this since it lets you use the keywords you want to rank for and find topics for your content to find the most shared and relevant content, trending notions and categories, positive and negative terms, and emotional categories. The way this is done is through the use of Facebook and Twitter fire hose to collect the information is one place.

Next stage is to test the topics you found for relevancy. Buzzsumo is a used for this stage of the game since is permits users to search for a topic by date range, article type, shares and content type. The data can be sorted out by shares, views, shares and number of backlinks to help you make a decision. It is ideal to keep track of those people who share your content after it has been published to build a relationship with them since they can be influencers on a given subject.

The key to creating content is to have a clear goal in mind and an approach to achieving those goals. Concentrating on your purpose and then generating the plan is the path you might want to take. Thinking about topics instead of keywords relating to content is what is important.

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