Franking Machines Are Designed For All Business Sizes.

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Good news, you are laboring under a misapprehension if you believe that only larger businesses can benefit from using franking machines.

They might have hundreds of pieces that need to be sent so of course, it makes sense for them.

As a home-based, small or medium sized business finding room in your budget to accommodate a technologically enhanced way of posting items won’t be worth the investigation.


You may not have considerable postal requirements, just targeted marketing campaigns a couple of times a year, so talk of savings and Royal Mail incentives to use franking machines rather than stamps are not impressive or applicable to you, your firm probably won’t save much in overheads anyway.

Right? Wrong!

Whatever your business size you can make effective and welcome savings on the cost of postage. We hate to be the ones to tell you but using stamps hampers your business. Sorry, we know it is tough news to take but you can alter this very quickly and conveniently with IMS franking machines and franking machine supplies.


Now, you may think that by the time you’ve paid for the franking machine, franking machine supplies and postal credit that you’ve spent any form of benefit you may have had but it’s much more cost, resources and time effective with either Royal Mail or DX to use a metered franking machine. Customers regularly make savings of 25%.

For example, say you have a brochure to send out which you can either use a franking machine or one of the team to stick about eight stamps on an envelope to cover postage. Which option is going to attest to your firm’s professionalism and care? The franking machine will always win hands down.

It takes less time to feed the envelopes into franking machines and let them work their magic plus your accounting will benefit from the device which informs about expenditure and V.A.T. which can be claimed from H.M.R.C. Your life will become easier. What’s not to love about that?

You can programme logos or messages into the franking machine procedure so that each time an item is franked it can print your desired corporate logo or message and it will always print out smartly.


At IMS we know that there is a franking machine just waiting for you to claim it whether you are a small, medium or large business.

We have low volume franking machines, so if you send five or more items a day these will be perfect.

We class low to mid volume as between twenty and eighty pieces of post per day and offer cost-effective solutions.

Mid-volume franking machines are intended for fifty to three hundred pieces and the mid to high volume machines offer speed and accuracy.

There are top performance franking machines for customers with demands that exceed the above numbers so any need is catered for.

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