What is actually the concept of Wealth Management

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The wealth management industry has gone through many changes since the early 1970s. It has been dramatically transformed over the last few years. The exponential growth of the global wealth management industry in the recent years cannot be denied. The mushrooming of wealth management firms is the solid proof to indicate that the industry is continuing to boom. According to surveys by the end of this decade, China is expected to become the second largest wealth management market beating Japan and coming next only to the United States.


As predicted by experts, the size of wealth management sector is going to get larger in the upcoming years. It has become necessary for business organizations to have an effective wealth management system in order to flourish financially in the market. Saving both time and money it is now essential for a company to operate profitably. Wealth management offer services which include estate planning, tax advice, risk management and tactful philanthropic strategies. Implementing some basic financial planning strategies can help earn businesses more. Through proper systematic planning business bodies can manage, sustain and grow in a better way belives Charles Whitman Infinium.

More than just investment planning wealth management ensures that your company is meeting its financial target while getting maximum returns. While some wealth managers specialize in particular areas, it is expected from them to provide services related to any financial matter of the client. Encompassing each and every part of the client’s financial life wealth managers often coordinate with the client’s other advisors such as attorneys, insurance agents and accountants. It helps them to fully understand the financial status of the client and to come up with an unfailing financial strategy.

 Nowadays small scale firms as well as large firms try to appoint well capable wealth managers. The first job of a wealth manager is to fully understand the client’s financial base and objectives. Proper understanding is very important for constructing a guaranteed financial strategy. The plan will not only maintain but also increase the wealth of the client. The role of a wealth manager does not end with forming a financial plan. After developing the plan he meets with his clients on a regular basis for updating goals, reviewing and rebalancing the financial portfolio. Based on any personal, economical and environmental changes a wealth manager needs to make necessary changes to the original plan. Sometimes the client needs additional services and a wealth manager has to provide them.

Co-Founder of the Infinium Capital Management (ICM), Charles F Whitman is among the most credible and reliable wealth managers in the United States. Known in the wealth management industry as Chuck Whitman, he has a very happy and satisfied customer base. Charles Whitman Infinium started his own company named Whitman Asset Management Company in 2013. He applied the progressive Macro Tactical Asset Management Model in his new project due to its advantages. To stay up-to-date with the recent financial market trends Whitman likes to attend all the seminers, conferences and conventions related to the field of wealth management.

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