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Tactical gears are not only characterizing a soldier for a battle or mission but primarily prove as one of the second-base asset other than him. The tactical gear is although, not only used for army soldiers, defense officials, commandos, military, police, law enforcement agencies  and field intelligence but also in several professional as a extended use of its primary material. The wide use of tactical clothing, apparel, gears and protective stuffs are due to its high quality material and properties of durability, flexibility and protection. Tactical gears are for army men are like vests, jackets, holsters, ammo carriers, knives, illuminators, gun carriers, bags, compass and lot of things which are differentiated in various categories an used in different kind of operations You may be interested about these types, essentials gears and other contrasting aspects of tactical gears. You also get an idea about the buying once you know about their whereabouts.


Tactical Equipment Gears for army

  1. Purpose

One of the basic purposes of the army gears is survival which is most essential factor a soldier has to keep when he is at war, mission or operation. These equipments are designed particularly for the needs of soldier in the war. Another important factor is self-protection which makes them stay in the mission and defend themselves to fight back. The third essential purpose is defensive and attack strategies where these gears hold the soldier protected in the war and make him plan for his counterattack or move. Each and every equipment is for backup, safety, protection, survival and support to attack for the army men.

  1. Types of Army gear
    as purposes are different while application of these equipments, these gears are different from another. There are categorizations in army gear depending upon several factors; it may be according to specialized kind of operation, according to material or structure, or depending upon any other differentiating factor. Not drilling deep, the easiest comprehensive categorization could be according to the purposes which you can refer to look for these gears.

    1. Wearing purpose : The wearing purpose is can be clarified with basic protective and comfort purpose as the wearing designed for the army, soldiers, mercenaries, commandos, police and law enforcers. There are tactical half and full sleeve shirts and t-shirts, softshell and tactical jackets, trenchcoats, etc for comfort and supportive use for other gears. There are under armor heatgears, caps, stout boots, specialized combat shoes, headgears etc for safety of body.
    2. Carrying purpose: While in mission or in war, warriors need to carry essential ammunitions, various types of weapon or guns and other combat equipments for which they need some carrier for easy portability and safety. These carriers are sling packs, rifle case, sniper bags, bailout bag, ammo mule, phone or PDA case, bag packs, pouches, toolkits, responder, pistol case and other numerous types of carriers.
    3. Cutting Weapon and Rescue tools: Apart from the guns, everything used as weapon, rescue or utility tool can be put into this category as it includes outdoor knives, tactical folders, Filter adapter, multitool, sharpeners, hatchet, multi-pliers and other tools.


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